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Backing: Tractor-Trailers

This online Backing: Tractor-Trailers course is designed to provide tractor-trailer drivers with solid training on one of the most important and most commonly used driving manoeuvres: backing. The course features video, vivid 3D animation, and solid advice from veteran drivers.


After completing this course, drivers will understand:

  • The dangers of backing
  • Basic guidelines for reducing the risks of backing
  • How to survey the area before backing
  • Tips and techniques for successful backing
  • Jack and Chase maneuvers
  • Techniques for straight-line backing
  • Techniques for alley dock backing
  • Techniques for jack-knife backing
  • Techniques for blind-side backing
  • Techniques for parallel parking

Course Details:

Price: $49.95
Duration: 60 Min
Pass Mark: 80%
Attempts: 2
Certificate: Yes

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