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Distracted Driving

This course is for people who drive as part of their profession (sales professionals, business travellers, small vehicle delivery drivers, military personnel, public servants, cab drivers, etc.). It is designed to change distracted driving habits and help all drivers deal with the dangerous habits of others.

This course covers the risks and consequences of distracted driving.


  • Introduction – It’s Your Job, What You’ll Learn, What is Distracted Driving?
  • Recognizing Driving Distractions – Distractions Happen, Technology Distractions, Texting, Types of Distractions, Inattention Blindness
  • Managing Driving Distractions – Why Drivers Get Distracted, Dealing with Distracted Drivers
  • Avoiding a Distraction Disaster – Steps to Avoid a Disaster, Stay Focused, Recognize Signs of Distraction, Manage Distracted Drivers
  • Conclusion – Time to Review

Course Details:

Price: $49.95
Duration: 30 min
Pass Mark: 80%
Attempts: 2
Certificate: Yes

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