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Forklift Operator Safety

This all-in-one training course makes it easy to train your forklift operators as it covers safety topics that are critical to avoiding accidents and injuries including general safety, pre-operation, operation, load handling, fuel/battery maintenance, and specialized units.

After completing this course, it should be possible to:

  • Perform a pre-operation forklift inspection
  • Park and leave a forklift
  • Refuel a forklift
  • Explain the following:
    • How forklifts differ from other vehicles
    • The stability triangle
    • Special features of motorized hand trucks and high lift units
    • Guidelines for conducting regular maintenance on forklifts
    • Guidelines for recording forklift modifications


  • General safety
  • Pre-operation
  • Operation
  • Load handling
  • Fuel/battery maintenance
  • Specialized units

Course Details:

Price: $79.95
Duration: 90 min
Pass Mark: 80%
Attempts: 2
Certificate: Yes

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