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Machine Guard Safety

Machinery comes in many shapes and sizes, which means it can present many different types of hazards. Each year thousands of employees across the country are injured by the machines they are most familiar with and believe are safe to use without safety guards. In fact, OSHA estimates that lack of machine guarding is the second most frequent safety violation in industry today.

This online Machine Guard Safety course is designed to teach you the dangers of working with machinery and how to minimize risks with proper installation and use of safety guards and devices.


  • Basic machine operations
  • Fixed guards
  • Adjustable and self-adjusting guards
  • Interlock devices
  • Drive train and perimeter guards
  • “Drop probe” devices
  • Restrain and pullback devices
  • Adjustment, inspection, and maintenance of safety guards
  • And more!

Course Details:

Price: $49.95
Duration: 45 min
Pass Mark: 80%
Attempts: 2
Certificate: Yes

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