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Supervisor Skills

Every job has its own challenges. As a supervisor, you have the challenge of managing people, and this sets you apart from your employees. So, your toughest challenges are likely those related to your employees.

This program will empower you to do the right thing in tricky situations, which will further the long-term success of your organization, your employees, and you. After you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Face any tough challenge in the workplace, using realism, restraint, and resolve.
  • Resolve conflicts effectively between your employees, choosing the most appropriate strategy.
  • Deal with layoffs in a way that minimizes their negative effects.
  • Support employees who have performance issues while at the same time, build a strong case for discipline or termination if necessary.
  • Handle your employees’ personal problems with sensitivity and fairness.
  • Take control and responsibility in a crisis situation


  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Resolving Conflict between Employees
  • Lesson 3: Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Lesson 4: Dealing with Personal Problems
  • Lesson 5: Discipline and Termination
  • Lesson 6: Dealing with Layoffs
  • Lesson 7: Crisis Management
  • Case Study: Apply What You’ve Learned

Course Details:

Price: $49.95
Duration: 60 min
Pass Mark: 80%
Attempts: 2
Certificate: Yes

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